Travelling Australia - Journal 2012
5-7 June 2012 - Mount Gambier
The weather slowly improved during our three-day Mount Gambier visit. For the first day the low temperature, wind and rain really left no option other than to remain in the caravan. Some of the time was spent digging out winter clothing packed 'just in case.' The second day had slightly better weather; not so wet but still cold and windy. On the third day there was some sun and blue sky and, provided there was shelter from the cold wind, the temperature was comfortable for those properly dressed. The awning was not unrolled because of the gusting wind which can rattle the awning and make the vinyl flap alarmingly.

In the cold, windy weather, sight-seeing was severely curtailed. A sunny break on the third day allowed a photograph of the Blue Lake (required viewing in Mount Gambier) and some of the more impressive buildings were photographed.

Blue Lake
The Blue Lake inside the volcanic crater at Mount Gambier.
Modern extension
Eye-catching modern extension to the older art gallery building in the centre of Mount Gambier.
Garden cave
Not many cities have caves such as this one in the middle of the business district.