Travelling Australia - Journal 2012
3 July 2012 - Goolwa to Meningie
I had connected caravan and Pathfinder last night in case it was raining this morning but the little rain that fell overnight had cleared by the morning. We left Goolwa along the road to Strathalbyn with Meningie as the destination for the day. Map and GPS both indicated the best route was across the Murray River via the Wellington ferry so we headed in that direction with an alternative route selected in case access on or off the ferry was too steep for the caravan.

The road from Goolwa to Strathalbyn is classed as a B road and that classification was reflected in the surface which often restricted our speed to 70 kph. Traffic was light and the weather good for travelling although the sheet of very high cloud indicated that bad weather may be on the way. The road passed through cropping and grazing land (sheep, cattle and some horses); in many paddocks lower-lying parts still carried large, shallow pools of water indicating the rain that had fallen. Unfortunately six or seven "Water Over Road" signs were still in place when the water had gone; the one place where water was a hazard did not have a sign.

Around Strathalbyn we passed olive trees and an increasing number of grape vines.

From Strathalbyn along the Wellington Road through Langhorne Creek we passed the centre of a large wine-region. Some vines were clearly very old, most were much younger and vines in one vineyard appeared to be no more than two or three years old. Somebody has faith in the wine business. We continue to be surprised at the large number of vines we see in our travels.

Approaching Wellington we passed a couple of herds of dairy cows; at first we wondered where the milk went for processing then we remembered that we had passsed a dairy factory in Murray Bridge a few weeks previously. There was some cropping around this area with two or three centre-pivot sprays, presumably drawing water from the Murray River (or maybe from Lake Alexandrina). Flocks of large woolly sheep were also seen in paddocks we passed, one had a couple of alpacas sitting in the middle of the grazing sheep indicating a wild dog problem in this area.

Approaching Wellington we followed the signs (and GPS) to the ferry to find we were at the head of the queue at the top of a gentle ramp; the ferry was on the other side of the river. Boarding the ferry with the caravan in tow was easy (done slowly); high water level in the river ensured there was a nearly level path from ramp onto the ferry decking. Once across the river we slowly drove off the ferry and made our way to the Princes Highway then turned right for Meningie.

Arriving in Meningie we drove to the only caravan park in town and set up on a site set back a little from Lake Albert.

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