Travelling Australia - Journal 2011
29 June 2011 - Julia Creek
We heard rain on the van roof early in the evening and some occasional rain during the night. While we slept there was a downpour and the ground was covered in puddles in the morning and people were talking about the overnight downpour. The rain continued intermittently all morning.

We went into town for coffee at the only coffee shop. The shop was closing in a couple of days because of the operator's health and nobody had bought the business. It was still raining when we left to go to the newsagents then back to the car and the van.
Julia Creek Shopping street Julia Creek Shopping street.

Near the caravan park is a Nature Trail intended to allow visitors to watch birds but the area had become overgrown with prickly acacia (Acacia nilotica) which is classified as a woody weed and is far too common spreading over grazing land. As this introduced weed spreads it changes the composition of ground cover vegetation so that pasture grasses are replaced by less productive plants. A 90 per cent loss of browsing material for stock when A. nilotica takes over has been measured. The council had begun clearing woody weeds around the Nature Trail by ripping the trees out of the ground and chipping them on the spot producing numerous piles of chips three metres high. But the plant is still very common on grassland in North Queensland.

During the afternoon I wandered around the Nature Trail area near the caravan park. The area was torn up by earthmoving equipment engaged in removing prickly acacia but there were a few interesting plants left to see. By mid-afternoon the rain had pretty well gone but the wind was strong and uncomfortable and the sky looked as if rain could resume at any time.