Travelling Australia - Journal 2011
26 August 2011 - Kilmore to Frankston
A brisk, clear morning after a cold night as we drove out of Kilmore Caravan Park bound for Melbourne. We were in the middle of the going to school and work traffic so progress was slow along the Northern Highway to the on-ramp for the Hume Freeway. Then we were into the streams of vehicles heading towards Melbourne. Noise and chatter on the UHF Radio was bad enough to turn the radio off for a while, especially when some truckies started abusing each other. We also heard the person we call the Melbourne Moron who makes silly noise and brainless, usually obscene, comments on Channel 40; we think this is not a truckie but lives on the northern side of Melbourne and has access to a radio. We turned the radio on for a few minutes every fifteen minutes so we could hear about any traffic congestion or accidents ahead.

Turning onto the M80 Ring Road was straightforward then I moved over to the middle lane having been caught out before by the left lane sometimes ending. Traffic was moderately heavy but moving well as we steadily made our way around central Melbourne onto the West Gate Freeway then up and over the West Gate Bridge, into the Burnley Tunnel, along the Monash Freeway nearly to Dandenong where we turned onto EastLink for the final stretch to Frankston. Weather all day had been reasonable for travelling; cloudy but bright and no rain.

I subsequently used the internet to pay the tolls on the Burnley Tunnel/Monash Freeway ($13.50 for a day pass) and EastLink ($5.40 for a one trip pass).

We checked in to the Frankston park we usually stay at when in Melbourne and were assigned a large, grassy site. I didn't put the awning out because of the wind and because we would not be sitting under the awning in the cold weather. We had driven 1,703 kilometres in the four days since leaving Charleville; today had been a short day with only 147 kilometres driven.
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