Travelling Australia - Journal 2011
20-22 August 2011 - Charleville
We had several quiet days in Charleville. This was a return visit on this trip and knowing where things were made life easier.

We had returned to Charleville hoping to see wildflowers among the mulga and along the river flats but were too early for most species. According to local residents, flowers are best seen after the rains start at the end of the dry season and we were still in the dry part of the year. The ground was still very dry, so dry that there were far fewer plants in flower than in our first visit this year early in the dry season.

Adavale Road The Charleville-Adavale road just west of Evening Star caravan park. The single bitumen lane runs through the mulga land dominating this area outside the river floodplains.

Our stay in Charleville was cut short when we were advised of a family funeral to be held in Melbourne on 29 August. Plans to remain in southern Queensland until the end of the month were changed and we packed up ready to head towards Melbourne on 23 August.

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