Travelling Australia - Journal 2011
19 April 2011 - Morven to Charleville
By morning the rain had mostly cleared. The Pathfinder and caravan had stayed connected overnight so we were soon on our way back into Morven which is a small, neat township (population about 200) with a small shopping area. We drove towards Roma out to the BP Roadhouse for some diesel fuel then returned through Morven on our way towards Charleville. A livestock road train left the roadhouse ahead of us but it continued on the road to Augethalla when we turned off to Charleville. Traffic remained very light and the road reasonable.

The land is gradually becoming flatter with more treeless areas but there are still stands of eucalyptus and acacias in colours of green and blue-grey.

Arriving in Charleville we followed the GPS route through the town and out onto the Adavale Road to get to Evening Star Tourist Park at Thurlby Station. When we turned onto the Adavale Road a sign announced the road to Adavale was closed at Lake Dartmouth about 90 kilometres along the road. We thought this was because of recent rain but later found out that during a rainy spell two or three years ago the lake had expanded to cover the road and the lake had not retreated since, leaving part of the road under water. For a long-standing rural road to be covered by a lake initially raised some interesting questions about exactly what is happening in rainfall terms but refering to the 1:250,000 map of the region showed that the road had been built across an existing lake bed and it is more a matter of the lake resuming original boundaries than expanding to new ones.

The small, green coloured caravan we remembered from our previous visit still marked the entrance to Eastern Star. We turned in, checked in for ten nights and were shown to one of the large, grassy sites this park is famous for.

After lunch we went into Charleville for shopping. In the evening we joined the people at the campfire for interesting talk about travels in this part of Australia.

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