Travelling Australia - Journal 2011
16-17 April 2011 - Mitchell
The weekend in Mitchell was pleasant. Weather on Saturday was cloudy but Sunday was bright and sunny despite the forecast of storms which didn't eventuate. Mitchell is a township of about 1000 people with the usual shops - newsagent, butcher, bakery, pharmacy, coffee shop, supermarket and hardware store with a large part of the population going to the shops on Saturday morning.

There are several pubs in Mitchell but they are not the usual two-story, full length upper a lower verandah style widespread in country Australia; these were more timber (a popular building material in Mitchell), one or two-storey with some variety in facades.

Sculpture at Attack Creek Attack Creek sculpture.

Birds at the weir Waterbirds at Mitchell weir. Two White-faced herons are looking to the left; they eat frogs, lizards and insects. The other three are (from the top) an Intermediate Egret, a Great Egret and a White Necked Heron which are more interested in worms, insects and fish living in the water.