Travelling Australia - Journal 2011
4 September 2011 - Heathcote to Gundagai
A brisk morning after a cool to cold night as we left Heathcote bound for Sydney with Gundagai as the destination for today. We drove south along the Northern Highway (the B75) partly retracing yesterday's route as we made our way towards the Hume Freeway. A few kilometres from Heathcote we turned onto the C384 which took us to the Hume Freeway near Seymour.

Once on the Freeway we settled down to a steady 90 kph on an excellent road towards Gundagai. For many years the Hume Freeway in Victoria has avoided towns so the run is uninterrupted as we pass towns and turnoffs. Traffic on this Sunday morning was very light and the UHF radio mostly silent. Weather was not particularly good with strong wind and low cloud; rain began falling at about 10 o'clock and continued intermittently. The freeway was a bit hilly until past the Seymour turnoffs when it levelled out. The surrounding agricultural land is used for grazing (sheep, cattle, horses and some paddocks of llama/alpacas) and cropping with canolla paddocks in evidence.

Part way along the Albury-Wodonga bypass we turned off into Albury to refuel, returning to the highway north of Albury. The stretch to Holbrook is being progressively duplicated and sometimes rerouted but the highway still goes through the middle of Holbrook. Weather continued poor with rain and wind; outside temperature recorded by the Pathfinder was 13°

The highway still goes through the middle of Tarcutta (advertising itself as the half-way point between Sydney and Melbourne) but the bypass is under construction with bridges and roadway completed awaiting surface sealing.

At Gundagai we turned off the highway to follow road signs to one of the caravan parks. We were assigned a site with a tiles roof and concrete floor; it was most unusual to be under a roof but during the brief thunder and lightning display after sunset we were rather pleased to be under tiles.

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