Travelling Australia - Journal 2011
4 August 2011 - Blackwood National Park
Blackwood National Park is near the Gregory Developmental Road south of Charters Towers and about 20 kilometres north of Belyando Crossing. The park is in Queensland's Brigalow Belt.

Access to Blackwood is at the western corner where the park touches the Gregory Developmental Road. Co-ordinates are 21° 28' 13"S, 146° 40' 55"E, elevation 227 metres. At this point there is a small off-road car park and a pedestrian access gate onto the perimeter track. There are no facilities in Blackwood National Park; vehicles are not permitted and a perimeter track is the only internal walking track.

A single sign proclaiming the park faces the road; there is no roadside signage advising travellers of the park entrance. The sign at the park entrance can be read from the road so is good evidence the traveller has reached the park but the sign does not face oncoming traffic so it is mainly useful as evidence the turn-off into the park has been missed. Somebody coming from Charters Towers crosses a cattle grid in the road just before the turn-off into the park on the left; the entrance is easy to miss. A traveller from Charters Towers reaching the marker for 20 kilometres to Belyando Crossing has missed the park entrance.

Most of the southern boundary is set back from the road and the western end deviates south to touch the Developmental Road at the entrance. This is the only entrance into Blackwood National Park.

Sign Sign identifying Blackwood National Park.

Entrance Entrance into Blackwood National Park. The car parking area is beyond the cattle grid in the foreground.