Travelling Australia - Journal 2011
1 June 2011 - Stonehenge - John Egan Track
After lunch on 1 June I went on the 9 kilometre long John Egan Pioneer Track set up on the Town Reserve to allow visitors to see the local scenery and vegetation. The warning that a high clearance 4WD is needed is very appropriate. The track winds up and over a red-rock jump-up; much of it over bare rock with large white arrows painted on the rock to show the way. Other parts are across boulder beds containing boulders about 20 centimetres across, the track has been cleared of the largest stones but many smaller ones remain leaving a rough track negotiated only at very slow speed. The track goes to a couple of lookouts over the surrounding gidgee woodland and grassland; the track also visits parts of the jump-up where plant communities quite different to the gidgee on the plains below thrive on the nearly barren red rock.

From EagleHawk Lookout Looking from EagleHawk Lookout on the Egan Track out over gidgee woodland on the lower land around the jump-up. Patches of Mitchell Grass indicate the proximity of the Mitchell Grass Plains to the north of the Stonehenge area.

Jump-up top Bare red rock with caves at the top of the jump-up. The trees are lancewood trees, an acacia species which thrives in these stony conditions.

The Egan Track is very rough in parts. I later commented to a member of the Stonehenge community that the track was pretty hard work and was advised that it should be looked at as a free 4WD driving course.