Travelling Australia - Journal 2011
1-5 July 2011 - Mt Isa
Mt Isa Commercial
Mt Isa commercial and shopping area with the KMart/Coles complex in the foreground. The mine and smelter on the right of the photograph is effectively part of Mt Isa's built-up area.

We spent a quiet few days in Mt Isa. We came here to have a routine servicing on the Pathfinder after finding that Nissan dealers were not as widespread in Outback Queensland as we had expected. The service was carried out without fuss on Friday and we spent the rest of the stay catching up on shopping for some items which are not readily available in smaller centres and in staying in the van reading, sorting photographs or catching up on this journal.

Weather was very pleasant with cool nights and bright sunny days with a gentle breeze.

The caravan park we were in varied between overflowing to apparently half-empty from day to day without any explanation that we could see. Mt Isa lies on the only bitumen road between the Northern Territory and Queensland so is an inevitable transit point for anybody driving to or from the Northern Territory or northern Western Australia. It would be expected to be busy all the time.

But we will not be heading towards Katherine or Alice Springs on this journey. From Mt Isa we will resume our meanderings around Queensland by returning to Cloncurry for a few days then heading north to Normanton and the Gulf Country.

Mt Isa Residential
Mt Isa residential area.