Travelling Australia - Journal 2010
29 April - Shepparton to Beechworth
Light rain fell during a cold night; the rain stopped briefly while we connected the caravan but resumed shortly after we left the caravan park. Leaving Shepparton on the Midland Highway bound for Benalla was frustrating with the number of red traffic lights and the frequent stops; fuel consumption was not particularly good after repeatedly getting the van moving from stopped. Just outside Shepparton we passed fruit orchards and full irrigation channels but these faded and soon we were passing sheep, bales of hay, a few cattle and some alpacas.
The Midland Highway was a good road for the first half of the distance to Benalla then deteriorated to an average surface. Traffic was moderate. The weather remained wet, rain varied from very light to moderately heavy.
Arriving in Benalla we followed the inbuilt GPS through town and out towards the Hume Freeway until it directed us to join the freeway from a road without access to the freeway - that was the last chance for that GPS. Using the Garmin GPS we made our way back to Benalla then onto the Hume Freeway which we left at the Great Alpine Road exit before turning off onto the Beechworth Road. The road to Beechworth is reasonable; two lanes of bitumen passing through lightly wooded low hills as it climbs to Beechworth. Wineries had returned to the roadside scene.
Entering Beechworth we drove to the Lake Sambel caravan park and checked in for a week. After setting up on a site under plane trees busily losing their leaves, we went into Beechworth. We had left the rain behind at Benalla and had been on a dry road for much of the way to Beechworth, but the rain caught up with us after lunch and steady, very light rain fell making it unpleasant to walk around the town. After finding a lolly shop full of tempting chocolates and other sweet things to eat we returned to the van. Later I went for a walk near the lake; the rain had stopped but the weather was cold.

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