Travelling Australia - Journal 2010
25 May - The Entrance to Emu Plains
Rain fell for most of the night and continued into the morning. The water level of the Lake was still high and the surface calm with Pelicans fishing near the park. Rain continued while we packed up and connected; after connecting we drove out to the F3 Newcastle-Sydney Freeway. Traffic was moderately heavy through residential areas before the Freeway and continuous rain didn't make driving any easier.

Traffic on the Freeway was fairly light and moving well although one or two heavy trucks were slow going up the many hills. The Pathfinder handled the EuroStar on these hills without difficulty; there is a tendency for the speed to drop to the low 70s if I don't pay attention to maintaining a more reasonable 80 to 89 kph.

The F3 feeds onto Pennant Hills Road with three lanes and bumper to bumper traffic moving at a reasonable speed. Then onto the M2 freeway merging into the M7 with less traffic. Rain continued; varying from very light to moderately heavy. After turning onto the M4 freeway at the Light Horse interchange, in moderate traffic, we made our way to the Emu Plains exit then to the caravan park where we had one of the few drive through sites. The weather was improving by midday; the rain stopped and the temperature was comfortable.

During the rest of the day we had a few things to do around Penrith and Emu Plains.

daily map