Travelling Australia - Journal 2010
24 May - Tamworth to The Entrance
The morning was cool with subdued sunshine as we drove out of Tamworth on the New England Highway which is mostly a two lane highway of variable surface quality. For most of the time the road was going up a hill or down a hill, rarely flat. Traffic was variable but generally light; sedans and utilities with a few trucks and caravans. This is very much a cattle region and land along the highway was used mainly for grazing cattle; one egg farm with four sheds looked a bit out of place. Around Scone horse properties were in the majority. We passed a few road kill carcasses; many had been badly mutilated but most of the ones we could recognise were foxes.

We stopped in Aberdeen for a hot drink in the van then continued until we stopped for lunch at McDonalds in Singleton. I turned down the residential street beside Macca's hoping to find somewhere to park and ended up against the kerb outside somebody's house on the other side of the road from a semi-trailer whose driver was also at McDonalds. Another caravan was parked behind us and several sedans were parked around us. Local residents are probably not very happy with McDonalds as a neighbour.

Past Singleton the Highway increasingly passed through housing areas as well as open-cut coal mines and power stations. For a while we were beside the railway line and saw several coal trains. At one stage we passed an extensive sorghum crop nearly ready for harvest; nearby were other crops we couldn't identify. We stopped in Rutherford to refuel not being sure how many more service stations we would pass before reaching the F3 Freeway.

Past Maitland the traffic was a bit heavier but not excessive and there were more large trucks on the road. We joined the F3 Freeway for a steady run to the turnoff to Toukley and The Entrance.

At the Entrance I checked in for one night and backed into a well-grassed site beside the lake. We disconnected the Pathfinder and EuroStar so the Pathfinder would fit on the site but we didn't leave the caravan park. The weather had been threatening rain all afternoon and rain finally began falling after sunset.

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