Travelling Australia - Journal 2010
22 October 2010 - Inverell to Casino
The Gwydir Highway from Inverell towards Glenn Innes is a comfortable road with a good bitumen surface following a climbing path up the western slopes of the Great Dividing Range. This hillier section had overtaking lanes on longer and steeper hills allowing traffic to flow more smoothly. The region is lightly timbered devoted to grain growing as well as sheep and cattle raising; a few beehives were taking advantage of the spring flowering.

At Glenn Innes, elevation 1142 metres, we turned north towards Tenterfield on the New England Highway. The road was much better quality with noticeably wider lanes and a consistently better surface. Traffic was fairly light with few trucks and no B-doubles. Weather was good for travelling with some cloud and light wind. The land was mostly grassed with some light woodland; north of Glen Innes numerous poplar trees caught our attention.

For this stretch of road between Glenn Innes and Tenterfield we were travelling along the top of the Great Dividing Range. The rolling, mostly grassed and open, land was studded with large and small outcrops of rock giving the area an unusual appearance. Sheep were the stock animal of choice; especially around the township of Dundee where hundreds of sheep grazed in paddocks.

Approaching Tenterfield we were pulled over for a random breath test by an observant policeman who noticed that the right rear tyre on the Pathfinder was worn and barely legal. He wanted to know our travel plans but was satisfied when I explained this was the last day of the trip, that I knew all four tyres were worn and would be replaced after this trip.

Passing through Tenterfield we turned along the Bruxner Highway taking us towards the edge of the tableland then began the long descent to the village of Tabulam on the Clarence River. Then we drove the final stage over the range dividing the Clarence and Richmond valleys into the Richmond River valley and on to Casino. Another trip had ended.

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