Travelling Australia - Journal 2010
21-22 September 2010 - Mudgee
Weather for our couple of days in Mudgee was good with bright and sunny days but cold nights. We had a look at the shops as well as at Honey Haven a few kilometres out of town and offering a wide range of honey and jams; well worth a visit. The business part of Mudgee is visually attractive with a variety of well-preserved older buildings, including the Post Office, but the residential area is fairly ordinary. The railway station, built in 1884 some distance from the shopping centre, has been refurbished and adds to the list of attractive buildings. A riverside park near the business area fronts onto the river which has been blocked by a weir; after recent rain the lake was full and water was rushing over the weir; definitely an unusual sight after years of drought.

I visited Munghorn Gap Nature Reserve during the Mudgee visit. This is a reserve 35 kilometres from Mudgee straddling the top of the Great Dividing Range. Access is via a bitumen road in reasonable condition, but there are no road signs pointing towards the reserve which is a mixed eucalyptus-cypress woodland with an interesting collection of understory plants. One four kilometre walk on a sandy track leads to weathered sandstone outcrops sticking up above the trees. At a nearby day-use area around a flowing spring King Parrots were far more interested in feeding than in my presence.

While returning from one of the trips to Munghorn Gap Reserve the Pathfinder trip computer indicated there was enough fuel for only 31 kilometres but filling the tank showed that the Pathfinder was ignoring 13.4 litres of fuel in the tank. The Pathfinder has a reputation for an under-reading fuel gauge and for reports from the fuel computer under-reporting the distance available with fuel remaining but I was surprised that the system ignored 13 litres sitting in the fuel tank.

Former Town Hall building Mudgee has retained many older buildings, such as this earlier town hall, to enhance the streetscape in the shopping/business area.