Travelling Australia - Journal 2010
20 April - Narrawong (nr Portland)
A rainy morning. After breakfast we set off to check Portland Strawberry Farm where we bought some fresh strawberries and some Glenelg chocolates from Coleraine which we knew from experience were tasty. Then we drove into Portland to look around.

The township of Portland faces onto the port inside breakwaters. The commercial port, with piles of woodchips for export and the ship-unloader for alumina for the nearby aluminium smelter, are clearly visible; so are the fishing port, and the marina for small pleasure craft. Portland is heavily water-oriented and broad boat launching ramps are available; large lawn areas backing the water were covered by parked boat trailers attached to their tow-vehicles. Apparently this temporary situation arises because tuna are migrating past Portland; local fishermen have put their boats into the water to go tuna fishing. The weather was misty with poor visibility.

In the afternoon I wandered around the vicinity of the caravan park photographing birds. The Surry River runs on three sides of the park.