Travelling Australia - Journal 2010
19 April - Warrnambool to Portland
The sound of light rain on the caravan roof when we woke up indicated our move this morning may be uncomfortable but the rain was neither continuous nor heavy while we packed the van and connected the Pathfinder. The caravan park was only a block away from the highway so we were soon on our way out of Warrnambool bound for Portland via Port Fairy.

Traffic was moderate; the road was not comfortable at 90 kph so I slowed to 82 kph which made us the slowest vehicle going our way so I pulled over a couple of times to allow trucks to pass. The weather remained rainy; it was either raining lightly enough for intermittent wipers or it was about to rain again. We passed through Port Fairy, on now familiar roads after our recent stay there, without incident and continued towards Portland.

We had selected, and booked at, a caravan park at the village of Narrawong which we had not realised was 15 kilometres from Portland. We turned in there and checked in for eight nights. Then set up on a large site under a Norfolk Island Pine (not as big as the Port Fairy monster pines). Then into Portland to have a look and for lunch. The fairly new commercial harbour has been built facing the town and photograph possibilities abounded but the weather was not good for photography with a thin milky haze obscuring detail beyond a few hundred metres.

After looking around the shopping area we drove to Cape Nelson, stopping at the lighthouse for a few photographs at short distance. The road to Cape Nelson passes a windmill farm so close to some of the towers that a viewing platform is not needed. Weather all day had been poor for sightseeing with reduced visibility and showers of rain.

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