Travelling Australia - Journal 2010
15 March 2010 - Police Paddocks near Rutherglen
Another very quiet day beside the river. Blue sky most of the day, with a breeze after lunch. Warm in the afternoon, cool after the sun went down. I photographed a couple of kingfishers near the caravan.

After three nights of free camping we had satisfied ourselves that the Eurostar van's 12 volt electrical system suited our needs in the present configuration. The battery provided 12 volt power for lights, television, water pump, and igniters for gas stove and gas hot water tank. Inverters drawing power from the battery provided 230 volts alternating current for smaller items such as camera battery charger, mobile telephone chargers, Internet (Telstra Next-G) wireless interface and for netbook computer recharging. Two solar panels on the roof began recharging the caravan battery as soon as the sun rose above the surrounding trees and completed charging by early afternoon on a sunny day. The weather was sunny and mild so we have yet to confirm the fan used in the van in hot weather does not impose unacceptable load on this arrangement; solar panel performance in cloudy weather also has to be confirmed.