Travelling Australia - Journal 2010
14-19 September 2010 - The Entrance
We spent a total of seven nights at The Entrance at Two Shores Caravan Park fronting onto Tuggerah Lake. The weather was mostly good during the day and cold at night. This is very much a holiday area but still in the off-season and facilities were far from crowded. We joined the local RSL club (Diggers at The Entrance) to take advantage of members discounts on meals and drinks and had a couple of meals there.

On several days I went to nearby Wyrrabalong National Park (which is in two separate parts, one north of The Entrance, and one south of The Entrance) to have a look at plants and flowers in Spring bloom and to continue learning how to use my new camera for plant and bird photography. Both sections of the park include coastal forest and scrub with a high proportion of yellow or yellow/red pea shaped flowers; but there was also a number of other species regularly found in coastal forest and scrub.

After a few days we noticed that the level of water in the lake didn't change. On previous visits to this caravan park we had seen extensive mud-flats exposed at low tide and watched a variety of waterbirds feeding on the mud. On enquiring I was told that the entrance to the lake (at The Entrance, hence its name) had closed up naturally a few weeks ago; it had been dredged open but had nearly closed up again. Apparently there was so little tidal flow in and out of Tuggerah Lake that the water level was unchanging and would remain that way until the entrance opened naturally.

We needed fuel for the Pathfinder on a couple of occasions and noticed again that diesel fuel was not available at all service stations around The Entrance/Wyong area. When it was available, the diesel pump was often in an out of the way corner of the forecourt but we are used to that; presumably that's a hangover from the times when diesel fuel was not much in demand.