Travelling Australia - Journal 2010
14 April - Port Fairy to Warrnambool
I had folded the awning during the previous afternoon and was pleased when I heard it raining on the caravan early this morning. Fortunately, the rain had stopped by the time we were up and about. In slow time we packed up the EuroStar and connected the Pathfinder. Then I reversed the combined rig onto the vacant site behind us so we would have space to turn out of the site. We left at 10 o'clock having delayed our departure since we had a little over 20 kilometres to go to Warrnambool and didn't want to arrive too early.

The leg to Warrnambool was uneventful; this is probably the shortest distance (21.0 kilometres) we have ever towed the caravan in one day. Traffic was very light and the weather acceptable although it seemed to be on the verge of raining. Arriving at Warrnambool I used the inbuilt GPS to get us to the caravan park although I had first checked on the map how best to reach the park and the GPS agreed. At the park I checked in for five nights then drove to our site which I reversed into so the van was nearly exactly aligned with the concrete slab. I didn't put up the awning after finding the weather at Port Fairy had been too cold to sit outside.

Warrnambool has digital television making setting up very straightforward. I have installed a digital tuner in the caravan near the television below the aerial winder; after raising the aerial the digital tuner finds all available digital channels then displays a composite menu; in the past two months we have not had to turn the aerial at all to improve the quality of a digital signal.

After setting up we drove to a nearby supermarket complex to have a cup of coffee then had lunch and did our food shopping before taking a short drive around parts of Warrnambool, especially the limestone cliffs along the coast. The weather was mostly sunny although there was definitely a chill in the air and the evening was cool.

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