Travelling Australia - Journal 2010
13 September 2010 - Emu Plains to The Entrance
The night was not as cold as previous ones and the morning was sunny with the promise of a reasonable day. Many smaller exhibitors at the Penrith Caravan Show had their caravans near us and there was a general exodus as they headed off to the next caravan show (at Dubbo). After packing up without haste we joined the caravans leaving the place. The morning traffic in Emu Plains had dwindled and we had no difficulty making our way to the M4 Motorway and found traffic light there motorway as well.

Without difficulty we drove along the M4 to Lighthorse Interchange where we changed over to the M7 Northbound; this merged into the M2 which we left to join Pennant Hills Road. Traffic on Pennant Hills Road was moderately heavy but it moved well for the seven or so kilometres to the beginning of the F3 Sydney-Newcastle Freeway.

Traffic on the F3, including the heavy transports, was moderate and moving well. We left the UHF radio off to avoid the irrevelant social chatter between some truckies, if we came to a traffic delay we would turn it on to keep up-to-date with what was going on. I drove this trip without cruise control to see if that would improve fuel consumption; the way the cruise control accelerates heavily when going up hills is certainly not going to provide best possible fuel consumption.

We turned off the F3 and made our way through suburban traffic in the Gosford-Wyong built-up area to The Entrance where we had booked for a week. After checking in we set up with awning and roof bars in case the forecast rain turned out to be windy as well but the rain which did fall later in the day was gentle.

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