Travelling Australia - Journal 2010
13 March 2010 - Police Paddocks near Rutherglen
The night was cool but not as cold as we were expecting. Once the sun had set the camping area was pitch black with stars visible above the trees and no lights at all. The morning was sunny with a blue sky; temperature was comfortable and rose during the morning.

We spent the day around the caravan. The solar panel cut in at about 9 o'clock once the sun had risen above the nearby trees, and after lunch the control panel reported the caravan battery was fully charged. After lunch I connected the second inverter to power the clock-radio.

The Police Paddock is a river red gum forest along an anabranch of the Murray River. The name comes from the earlier use as an area for grazing police horses. The gum trees are well-developed but ground cover and other low level plants are scarce, probably because the area is grazed by cattle.