Travelling Australia - Journal 2010
10 March 2010 - Echuca/Moama
The rain of the previous few days did not return and the weather continued to clear. Rain was of interest to us because the small grassed area allocated to caravans was poorly drained and much of it squelched underfoot when we arrived. A forecast of several dry days and a large high pressure area moving over Victoria were major factors in us deciding to stay here; if there was more rain we would become bogged.

We spent the morning looking around Echuca where the older shopping area near the port has become a tourist precinct while the more conventional, modern shopping centre is nearby and visitors can move between the two as they wish. Echuca is an interesting example of the Port being developed as a tourist attraction with the conventional shopping centre nearby. From our brief experience this seems to work well although we suspect that Echuca/Moama becomes uncomfortably crowded with visitors during the tourist season.

In the afternoon I took the Pathfinder to the local Nissan dealer for a regular service. After the service I drove to the Port and wandered around taking photographs for a while then returned to the caravan.