Travelling Australia - Journal 2010
8 June - Tenterfield to Casino
The night was very cold, with a temperature in the van of 7 degrees at 7 o'clock. Applying our rule of thumb of subtracting 6 degrees to give us the outside temperature gives an outside temperature of 1 degree. The official weather bureau temperature at 6 o'clock was zero so our rule of thumb looks good. The morning was bright and sunny with a heavy dew and promised a pleasant day.

Leaving Tenterfield on the Bruxner Highway we made our way across hilly terrain used for grazing with scattered vineyards and a few cellar doors. A sign proclaimed the top of the Great Dividing Range at 888 metres but then the road climbed higher, reaching 912 metres before beginning the long descent down to the Clarence and Richmond River Valleys.

The descent to Drake in the Clarence River Valley is not simple. The road descends sharply then climbs and descends steeply a couple of times. Fortunately the road surface is reasonably good and the route not too twisting although there are a few hairpin bends. From the top of the descent outside Tenterfield until a few kilometres before the small settlement of Drake runs through timber, often with rocky outcrops visible. Past Drake, the road continues descending to Tabulam on the Clarence River.

The long, single lane bridge over the Clarence River at Tabulam was being repaired so roadworks traffic lights were controlling traffic on the bridge. We were last in a line of traffic but then had to stop on the bridge because workers were obstructing the lane leaving insufficient space for the caravan to pass; wonder what they would have done if a truck wider than us crossed the bridge.

After Tabulum the road climbs up out of the Clarence River Valley then descends into the Richmond River Valley. The land is mostly cleared and stocked with cattle.

Arriving at Casino we made our way home and parked the caravan in its space beside the house. Another trip was over.

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