Travelling Australia - Journal 2010
8-21 February 2010 - Frankston
The time at Frankston was devoted mainly to family social events. We had a 100th birthday and a wedding to attend as well as catching up with relatives and friends. For the wedding we left the caravan at Frankston and spent two nights in Williamstown.

The EastLink and CityLink motorways/tollways make moving around Melbourne fairly easy outside peak traffic times and electronic ticketing is easy using the Internet but getting a pass for each trip became a nuisance. There are several alternatives to daily or trip passes and the Melbourne Pass available from City Link, usable on EastLink, is attractive. This is a 30-day pass costing $5.50 to set up; the vehicle number-plate is identified for each trip section and toll charges are added to the account (including a charge for the image identification process). When the toll total reaches $10, or the Pass expires, the nominated credit card is charged. On balance, this appears a better option for us than taking out passes for each trip or day, or having a tag or non-tag account.

Weather during this stay ranged from hot and sunny when we arrived to cool with very heavy downpours. One day we had strong hot winds, another day we had strong cold winds. Some days we had blue skies and hot sun; others were cloudy, cool and rainy. On arrival I had put out the awning with double guy-ropes on the corners and two de-flappers at each end; this had been a good move as heavy rain and strong wind passed over while we were at the 100th birthday party and the caravan/annex was unaffected except for the very large pool of water underneath where rain had driven in from the side.

We had planned to leave Frankston on Thursday 18th to move onto Apollo Bay but a bicycle race being held on the coming weekend had taken up all caravan park sites there so we extended our Frankston stay until Monday 22nd February.

We didn't do much "tourist" sight-seeing during this visit (although we travelled nearly 1,300 kilometres during the Frankston stay) but we did call in at Sunny Ridge strawberry farm near Main Ridge on the Mornington Peninsula. This extensive farm offers the opportunity to pick your own strawberries, or buy punnets of strawberries, and to eat strawberries in various forms. We visited several times, the last time on the Sunday before we left when we saw how very popular the place is with car-parks crowded and empty tables hard to find in the eatery.