Travelling Australia - Journal 2010
7 April - Hamilton to Port Fairy
The rain we experienced late yesterday afternoon faded during the night but the threat of more rain remained while I rolled the awning and connected the caravan this morning. I reversed the van to give a bit more space to turn out of the site and we were on our way through Hamilton and on the road back to Port Fairy which we had driven up last month. Traffic was almost non-existent, weather was trying to rain all the time.

On the edge of Hamilton the road passed the grain centre with grain heaped on the ground under blue coverings. Presumably the increase on grain grown in the area as some sheep graziers moved out of wool into cropping had increased the supply of grain faster than siloes could be built. Further out we passed many sheep grazing, and some cattle. We also passed several blue-gum plantations; these were another option for pastoralists looking for an alternative to wool.

I chose to follow this road all the way into Port Fairy instead of accepting the GPS advice to take reasonable shortcuts, because I wanted to check out the road between Port Fairy and the selected caravan park which is two to three kilometres out of town.

daily map