Travelling Australia - Journal 2010b
6 September 2010 - The Entrance to Emu Plains
The morning was bright and sunny with light wind; yesterday's strong wind had gone leaving a few trees down around The Entrance but with severe damage south of Sydney along the South Coast.

Leaving The Entrance we drove through weekday morning traffic, not too heavy, through the built-up Wyong area to join the Pacific Highway where traffic was moderate with quite a few heavy transports. One truck caught our eye because it was carrying logs of felled tree trunks; in a timber-felling area the load would not have been out of place as timber being taken to a timber mill but we could not work out what it was doing on the Sydney-Newcastle Freeway heading towards Sydney where timber mills don't operate.

At the end of the F3 Freeway we joined Pennant Hills Road in bumper-to-bumper traffic moving well; this road surface is breaking up under traffic and was rough to drive over. Then onto the M2, the M7, the Lighthorse Interchange and the M4 to Emu Plains and the caravan park. It had taken a little over two hours to drive from The Entrance to Emu Plains in reasonably light traffic conditions.

We had been assigned a site classified as suitable for a small van which initially caused some concern until we saw it was just big enough for the Eurostar with awning extended and the Pathfinder parked in front. We were planning for a week here so the awning was extended with roof bars, de-flappers and corner guy-ropes.

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