Travelling Australia - Journal 2010
5 September 2010 - The Entrance
Very strong and gusty wind blew all day as a deep depression moved across South-Eastern Australia; according to the weather bureau gusts up to 50 kph were very common. The pine trees in the caravan park were fully in motion and whitecaps dotted the surface of Lake Tuggeranong; the caravan was regularly moved by the wind despite the stabilisers being down. When we drove across the road bridge between The Entrance and The Entrance North we could hear wind whistling noisily through the metal guardrail on the bridge; we heard this both times we crossed the bridge.

During the day we drove to Tuggeranong Shopping Centre and tried to refuel the Pathfinder on the way. We found that not all service stations stock diesel fuel now; they have such a range of petrol types available, including ethanol mixes, that some independent dealers in the Wyong area have discontinued stocking diesel fuel.

The wind dropped suddenly just after four o'clock in the afternoon leaving some cold wind but without the 50 kph gusts we had endured all day. The evening was quiet.