Travelling Australia - Journal 2010
5 October 2010 - Coonabarabran to Gunnedah
The morning was the beginning of a bright and sunny, spring day. After connecting the Eurostar yesterday afternoon we had only to disconnect the service and empty the toilet to be on our way. We drove out of Coonabarabran on the Oxley/Newell Highway (they share the same road at first) to the intersection about five kilometres from town where the Newell turns north towards Queensland, taking most of the heavy traffic with it. We continued on the Oxley Highway which carried little traffic. The road is fairly hilly passing through open agricultural land as well as timbered areas. The single vineyard and cellar door was unusual, whether it is the beginning of a trend remains to be seen.

The hills continued until we were approaching the village of Mulalley at an elevation of 303 metres, down a bit from the 500 or so metres common from Coonabarabran. Mulalley is the centre of a large, flat area of paddocks devoted to cropping and grazing. During today's drive, especially after Mulalley, we saw many paddocks of yellow canola often associated with a similar yellow plant which spilled out of paddocks onto roadside verges; in at least one paddock the yellow continued from the paddock up to, and across the boundary fence.

Entering Gunnedah we followed the GPS as it took us around the Oxley Highway bypass then down the correct side road to the street address of the caravan park. I checked in and backed onto a good site; we were asked to park the van on the slab; this is unusual as the weight of caravans usually cracks concrete slabs which look unsightly and managers usually insist on vans not being parked on concrete slabs but when I commented the manager said that putting vans on the concrete slab reduced wear on the grass.

After setting up the Eurostar we drove into Gunnedah to the Information Centre and to do some shopping. Then went for a short drive around the township including a call at the Pensioners Hill Lookout for some photographs before returning to the van for the rest of the day. The weather was warm in the afternoon; warm enough for sandals.
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