Travelling Australia - Journal 2010b
4 September 2010 - Port Macquarie to The Entrance
Some rain fell overnight but the morning was rain free; there had been 15 millimetres of rain in our rain gauge since 9 o'clock yesterday morning. We packed up and connected without haste then set off to rejoin the Pacific Highway where we turned south for The Entrance.

Weather was mixed. There was a lot of cloud but rain was not falling although it threatened for the rest of the morning. Wind was strong and gusting, mostly from behind us but occasionally a gust would push the caravan unexpectedly. The road was good; roadwork bypassing Kew is complete and only a few kilometres of the Pacific Highway south of Port Macquarie are not duplicated. Traffic was very light in both directions.

We stopped at Macdonalds in Heatherbrae for lunch, this is a usual stop when we drive the Pacific Highway north of Newcastle. Light rain had begun by now, the wind continued gusty but was not too inconvenient.

Traffic on the F3 Freeway from Newcastle to Sydney was remarkably light in both directions. This continued the pattern of very light traffic for this trip. On several occasions there were no other vehicles in sight going in either direction on the Freeway.

We turned off the Pacific Highway to go to The Entrance via Toukley passing through local traffic far heavier than on the highway. The gusty wind had faded by the time we had set up for a couple of nights but increased markedly towards sunset. The caravan park we use has very large pine trees along the lake and we could hear the strong wind gusting in the pines.

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