Travelling Australia - Journal 2010
4 June - Dirranbandi to St George
The weather was good for today's short leg on the Castlereagh Highway from Dirranbandi to St George. The road was rough with potholes in the bitumen surface; it looks as if the bitumen is pretty thin and the weight of vehicles passing over it forms depressions. The surrounding terrain was flat with scattered gum trees grassland with a few prickly pear or pear tree along the road fence. Cotton pieces lined the road showing cotton has been transported along here, probably to the gin at Dirranbandi.

At Noondoo we joined the access road from St George to Mungindi. The road was still called the Castlereagh Highway but the surface was significantly better on this busier road; the bitumen was thicker and had retained a flat surface despite the traffic. Noondoo appeared to be little more than a large concrete grain silo beside the railway line which has recently closed.

Around Noondoo the land became a little hilly with reddish clay now common and cypress in patches. There were a few flocks of sheep as well as large flattened paddocks probably used for grain. Emus were readily seen, including a loose group of eleven browsing in a cleared paddock.

58 kilometres from St George we passed a paddock of saltbush on each side of the road. There was no other saltbush in sight so we decided these paddocks had been planted with saltbush as fodder.

Traffic was very light; four caravans, one road train and two utilities passed us going the other way before we joined the Carnavon Highway just outside St George. Approaching the town we passed irrigation feeder channels. Unlike channels we had seen around Deniliquin in the south, these channels were brim-full of water.

We went to the caravan park in St George we had selected and checked in for three nights.

daily map