Travelling Australia - Journal 2010
2 February 2010 - Wangaratta, to Beechworth and return
The caravan remained at Wangaratta while we drove to Beechworth for a brief visit. The road runs through increasingly hilly agricultural land to Beechworth which was once a substantial gold-mining centre wealthy enough to erect handsome public buildings, most of which still exist. The town is now heavily biased towards tourism; about the only "attractions" lacking are actors roaming the streets in period costumes and, of course, a Cobb and Co Coach carrying tourists around the streets. Maybe they turn-out when tourist traffic is heavier than at this quiet period.

We called at the Information Centre in the former town hall, wandered along the main shopping streets, visited Beechworth Bakery for coffee and returned there for lunch time pies. Shortly after lunch we left to return to Wangaratta having confirmed that Beechworth required a two or three day visit to do it justice.

Back at the caravan we turned on the air conditioning in the 35-36 degrees outside heat, and remained inside catching up on logs and blogs.