Travelling Australia - Journal 2009
28 March 2009 - Urunga to North Haven
Fairly cool night with a little rain (3 mm since 6 o'clock last night). The morning was also cool but sunny with some dew remaining on the grass. We packed up (found that the gas cylinder in use had run out), connected van and car and left Urunga caravan park a little after 9 o'clock.

Returning to the Pacific Highway, which runs through the edge of Urunga, we turned south towards North Haven which the GPS told us was a bit over 150 kilometres away. Traffic was light on this Saturday morning with only a handful of trucks on the road instead of the weekday stream. Approaching Macksville we made sure the UHF radio was on Channel 29 in case a wide load was approaching the narrow bridge from the other direction. Drivers of wide loads broadcast their presence as they approach narrower bridges so other road users can wait until the wide load is clear before continuing.

Much of the bushland along the Pacific Highway was brightened by a Senna plant (Senna pendula) being in flower; this tallish shrub (up to two-three metres) has dark green leaves with numerous bright yellow flowers clustered at the end of branches. When heavily in flower the whole shrub becomes golden yellow. It is common along the Pacific Highway. According to the NSW Botanic Gardens Internet site this is a declared noxious weed introduced from South America which has spread naturally and by being planted in gardens because of the yellow flowers.

Arriving at North Haven we went to our usual caravan park and set up under a large paper bark tree. In the afternoon we met some friends to arrange the rest of our stay. Later in the afternoon I went to the coastal reserve to photograph some flowers.
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