Travelling Australia - Journal 2009
28 August 2009 - Urunga to Casino
Connecting Pathfinder and caravan was made difficult by lack of space in front of the site; we ended up waiting until the van behind us left then connecting and reversing onto the vacant site to get turning space so we could leave our site.

On the Pacific Highway we turned north. Traffic was light for this highway, weather good but there was a lot of smoke around. Approaching Woolgoolga the UHF radio mentioned something going on at the roundabout but by the time we got there a police car and an ambulance were on the side of the road with a couple of battered sedans so traffic was not delayed. But radio notification of an incident ahead was nice to have.

We left the Pacific Highway at Grafton, passing through the town after crossing the river bridge with its bends which are always interesting when towing a van and the other lane has many vehicles going in the opposite direction. We left Grafton on Summerland Way bound for Casino, stopping at a rest area to transfer fuel from one of the spare drums into the Pathfinder tank. While checking the spare drum I saw black objects in the bottom so poured only 19 litres into the fuel tank to ensure whatever it was didn't go into the Pathfinder.

Arriving at Casino Village I backed the van into its parking site beside our house and we began unpacking.

Another magnificent trip around Australia's scenery was over.
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