Travelling Australia - Journal 2009
27 March 2009 - Urunga
Shortly after ten we headed out of Urunga bound for the Bellingen Butter Factory where we stopped for a cup of excellent coffee before continuing on to Dorrigo Rain Forest Centre. This is on the Dorrigo Plateau well above Bellingen nestling in the valley beside the Bellinger River which regularly floods the town. Waterfall Way is the name of the road inland from Bellingen; this road has quite a good bitumen surface but twists and turns as it climbs from the valley floor just above sea level to be 780 metres where it levels off on the edge of the Dorrigo plateau then descend to 760 metres at the Rain Forest Centre. The red soil of the Dorrigo Plateau contrasts sharply with the surrounding green, especially with freshly ploughed red-soil paddocks. On the way up to the plateau, the road passes immediately in front of two waterfalls which give credibility to the name of Waterfall Way.

The Dorrigo Rain Forest Centre has a short board walk starting from the Centre and built out from the cliff face over the rainforest so that anybody on the board walk is looking down onto the top of the trees and also looking at the birds living in the treetops. This was very impressive and more time is needed to explore the Centre.

We then drove down to Bellingen and the Butter Factory for lunch before returning to Urunga. By the time we reached the van the weather was changing and rain had begun falling and continued for the rest of the afternoon.