Travelling Australia - Journal 2009
26, 27 July 2009 - Tambo
Tambo has a population of about 300 living around a small shopping centre straddling the Landsborough Highway. Traffic on the Highway was not particularly heavy during our visit and there is a bypass around the shops for large vehicles. At the southern end of the town a roadhouse is a popular stop for heavy transports.

Tambo was first settled in 1863 and proudly claims to be the oldest township in Outback Queensland. Several older timber public buildings have been retained in good condition and add atmosphere to the main street. A Heritage Walk has been devised taking walkers past many of the sites and buildings of historical interest. The Coolibah Walk along the Barcoo River takes walkers past plants and waterholes of interest.

Tambo has little in the way of tourist attractions but has prepared a useful booklet outlining what is available. We had a very relaxing stay at a small, very informal caravan park on the edge of the town and on the Landsborough Highway. From the van we could easily see the road and how little traffic there was on this major inland highway; traffic we did see was predominantly heavy transports or caravans/camper trailers.
Bottle tree on the edge of Tambo Bottle tree on the edge of Tambo.

Tambo Library Tambo has retained several older timber buildings including this library.