Travelling Australia - Journal 2009
25 August 2009 - North Haven to The Entrance
Traffic from North Haven to the Pacific Highway moved very slowly through roadworks at the Kew end where the Pacific Highway is being diverted around the township. Roadwork traffic control was haphazard and at one stage I was directed to make a silly turn which would have had the van colliding with traffic separation dividers. Eventually we turned onto the Highway heading south towards The Entrance. Weather was sunny and cool with a gusty northerly wind threatening difficulty. Traffic was reasonable for the Pacific Highway with quite a few heavy transports. We tuned the UHF radio to channel 29, the truck frequency on this highway (channel 40 elsewhere in Australia).

The wind was an important factor in driving today but was odd in that trees near the road were often being blown about but gusts couldn't be felt moving the Pathfinder or van. On other occasions gusts definitely moved the caravan around. Some conversations between truckies about problems with wind gusts on exposed sections of roads and bridges further south were ominous but we were not going as far south as the places mentioned.

There was a permanent police presence on the Highway. We either saw the cars on the road or parked with speed cameras pointing along the highway. These we didn't see we heard about on the UHF radio; always with ambiguous language used so it was not immediately obvious that police were being reported on.

We turned off the Pacific Highway at the Toukley exit, driving through Toukley to The Entrance. At the selected caravan park we set up on a well grassed site set back from the lake and a bit protected by a row of cabins from the worst of the wind blowing across the lake. Wind made ominous noises through several well-developed pine trees along the edge of the lake.
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