Travelling Australia - Journal 2009
18-19 April 2009 - Mildura
These were a couple of bright, sunny and warm days in Mildura. We spent the time settling in including a couple of visits to the well-equipped information centre planning our movements after leaving Mildura at the end of next week. The caravan park we prefer to use in Mildura is on the Calder Highway opposite a Centro shopping centre, beside a good bakery and close to hardware, camping and caravan accessory shops.

I spent some time logged onto Google Earth preparing for our planned trip to Lake Mungo National Park by looking at the park and buildings on satellite photographs. I also copied some latitudes and longitudes to enter into the GPS since the otherwise comprehensive National Parks literature did not include this information. Nor was it mentioned that UHF Channel 22 can be used to contact the NPWS at Mungo.

We were not willing to tow the caravan on the reputedly poor road to Lake Mungo; we would leave the van at Mildura and stay in the Lodge during our visit.
Houseboat House boating is a major tourist industry in Mildura.

Houseboat pool A marina with houseboat size berths has been built in Mildura. Access to the Murray River is beyond the red vehicular bridge in the background.