Travelling Australia - Journal 2009
17 July 2009 - Winton to Longreach
We expected a short trip to Longreach today so were unhurried in packing up and connecting, driving out of the caravan park at 22 past 9 onto the Landsborough Highway. Weather was good for travelling but there was some wind. Traffic was light; mainly caravans heading towards Longreach plus a few road-trains.

The country was wide open with flat plains covered in Mitchell grass. For a while after leaving Winton we could see the mesa of the Bladenburg National Park off to the right, then the mesa structures were replaced by open plains.

Many Mitchell grass paddocks carried Mimosa bush and gidgee. Cattle grazed in paddocks near the road. Sheep were fairly widespread.

The caravan park in Longreach was big, containing a number of new sites for larger vans; we were allocated a large drive-through site near the back of the park. The site was covered by fine gravel with a bank of local brown clay dividing sites.

daily map