Travelling Australia - Journal 2009
16 June 2009 - Kings Canyon to Erldunda
After a cold night (this seems to be a frequent statement in this journal at this time) the morning was bright and sunny but with a cold wind. There was the regular stream of vans leaving the park; this time we joined it.

Weather remained fine for the day's driving with a northerly wind later in the morning; this was a side wind at first then became a tail wind after the road turned south towards the Lasseter Highway. We saw some feral camels on this road when we passed three feeding from the tops of shrubs fairly close to the road. We had seen frequent small piles of droppings on the road and had been debating whether they were from camels or horses and this sighting seemed to answer the question. Then we saw four feral horses grazing in a patch of grass so we still don't know what was responsible for droppings along the road.

At the Lasseter Highway between the Stuart Highway and Uluru we turned right towards Uluru to pay a brief visit to a lookout onto Mount Connor which is sometimes mistaken for Uluru. After lunch at the lookout we turned back and drove directly for Erldunda. Approaching Erldunda the mobile phone (Telstra Next-G) showed no signal until a brief few bars appeared 17 kilometres from Erldunda then, at 16.5 kilometres a text message was delivered to the phone, indicating maximum mobile phone range to a hand-held telephone from Erldunda was 16.5 kilometres.
Mt Connor Travellers bound for Uluru on the Lassiter Highway pass Mount Connor which is often mistaken for Uluru.

Despite our poor opinion of Erldunda we decided to spend the night there so we could have mains electrical power to run the fan heater during the expected cold night. We arrived equipped for the limitations of this park and had a comfortable night.
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