Travelling Australia - Journal 2009
15-20 May 2009 - Port Augusta
We spent several days in Port Augusta. The weather remained fairly good with generally sunny days and nights cool but not nearly as cold as we had experienced in the Flinders Ranges.

We've been surprised at the number of caravans on the road in South Australia; the caravan park we stay in is quite large but nearly full by late afternoon each day; about a third of the sites are vacant by lunch-time next day as people move on. We expect the weather in Southern Australia is too cool for comfortable travelling by May but that is not the case; although the nights can be a bit cool, days are generally pleasant without the numerous bugs and biting insects found further north or at warmer times of the year in southern Australia.

On Tuesday I went for a tour-boat ride up Spencer Gulf as far as a shallow-draft boat could go. Somewhat unexpectedly (to me anyway), we found the upper limits of Spencers Gulf inhabited by bottle-nose dolphins which played around the cruise boat and rode the pressure wave under the bows.
Wharf Port Augusta wharf, once busy with ships unloading, is now part of a public recreation area. The rail yards previously beside the wharf are now car parks and supermarket.

Court House Port Augusta court house built in 1884.