Travelling Australia - Journal 2009
14, 15 June 2009 - Kings Canyon
The weather for our stay at Kings Canyon Resort was reasonable: bright and sunny days with a cool breeze and cold nights. One the first day I did the walk around the rim of Kings Canyon along a well prepared path with stone steps, wooden stairways and frequent arrows indicating the path.

One of the main attractions of Kings Canyon is an area on the plateau above the main canyon where blocks of sandstone have weathered into beehive shaped domes with curved tops. The other main attraction is the canyon itself with sheer vertical sides displaying a variety of colours. There is some good explanatory information describing in simple terms the geological structure of the canyon and how the canyon and beehives were formed.
Kings Canyon Dome Sandstone domes around the rim of Kings Canyon. Two walkers to the left of the dome in the foreground give an idea of the size of the domes.

Kings Canyon is a very popular tourist destination. There were about 20 sedans and 4WDs in the car park and at least another eight motor-homes in the motor-home park as well as half a dozen tour-buses with 10 to 20 people in each. These visitors either took the river walk, fairly level along the river bed; or the canyon rim walk, about six kilometres around the upper plateau and touching the edge of the canyon, with a long and steep series of steps to start the walk.

On the second day I went to Kathleen Spring for the short walk on a bitumen track into the spring at the head of the gorge. Decades ago part of the gorge was used as a cattle yard and before white people arrived the spring was a valuable source of permanent water for aborigines. The remains of the cattle handling facilities were well explained. The bitumen track ended at the head of the gorge on a platform over the pool fed by the unseen spring

At Kings Canyon Resort caravan park we had access to two commercial television channels (Imparja and Southern Cross). One channel gives us Queensland news and weather, the other Northern Territory news and weather but neither channel gives useful weather information for our region. Mobile telephone coverage is not available so we did not have Internet access which used broadband on a Telstra Next-G carrier.