Travelling Australia - Journal 2009
10 June 2009 - Coober Pedy to Cadney Park
A bright and sunny day with a light breeze for our departure from Coober Pedy. The caravan park was at the edge of town so we were quickly on the Stuart Highway heading north. There were a lot of caravans on the road, most heading north. A few road trains were travelling in both directions, but most freight to and from Darwin is carried by rail.

The Stuart Highway climbs gradually but continually leaving Coober Pedy at about 150 metres, reaching Cadney Park at 285 metres elevation. The road surface is variable; some parts are fairly good but much is uneven and there are far too many stretches with corrugations in the bitumen which we could feel and see with the sun shining across them.

Cadney Park is a roadhouse which has expanded its activities by adding a motel, cabins and caravan sites. We chose a site with a satellite television aerial socket. This is an isolated part of Australia; the mobile telephone (Telstra Next-G) had been reporting "No Service" for many kilometres and television was available only from satellites.
Cadney Cadney Roadhouse.

Terrain around Cadney Scrub around Cadney, typical of the region.

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