Travelling Australia - Journal 2009
1 May 2009 - Mildura to Renmark
The weather was quite good this morning while we packed before heading along the Sturt Highway towards Renmark in South Australia. Traffic was very light for the main Sydney to Adelaide road which remains a single lane in each direction for the section between Mildura and Renmark. We were passed by a dozen or so trucks going in the other direction and encountered three heavy vehicles going the same way as us. There were probably more caravans on the road than any other type of vehicle.
Sprayins Spraying paddocks before planting. 25mm of rainfall prompted a flurry of planting activity around Mildura.

Wheat paddocks Wheat paddocks beside the Sturt Highway west of Mildura in the Millewa region.

Mallee Native mallee on the Victorian side of the South Austrlian border. Large areas of the Mallee and Wimmera have been cleared of these trees to grow wheat.

Soon after leaving Mildura we passed a sign welcoming us into "The Millewa - Victoria's Golden Grain Centre". Grain was growing on both sides of the road out to the horizon. We passed only two farm houses with associated out buildings and storages; no other buildings were seen. Lake Cullulleraine was the only settlement along the road in Victoria.

Approaching the South Australian border the wheatfields on both sides were replaced by Murray Sunset National Park until the road crossed the border when grain fields took over again. Shortly after entering South Australia we stopped at the Quarantine Inspection station to be inspected for fruit or vegetables which may not be carried into South Australia. Then we continued to Renmark where we checked into the caravan park which stretched along the Murray River flood-plain; we had a site right on the bank of the river.
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