Travelling Australia - Journal 2008b
30 May 2008 - Casino to Pathana Lane rest area
Location map We left Casino Village along the Summerland Highway bound for Grafton; then onto the Pacific Highway south to Halfway Creek for petrol, continuing through Coffs Harbour and past Port Macquarie, eventually to Hexham near Newcastle. Here we turned off the Pacific Highway in the dark and made our way to the New England Highway past Maitland turning into Pathana Rest Area near Singleton. We had used this rest area recently so we confident we could set up in the dark.

Weather during the day was variable with cloud and rain generally decreasing as we moved south away from the Queensland rain. Some heavy rain tested the revised sealing arrangements I had installed on the caravan front boot to keep out the rain which originally poured into the boot through the inadequate seal at the top of the hatch. Traffic was fairly light for this main road but increased as we neared Newcastle.

The sun set at about 5 p.m. while we were still on the Pacific Highway but we continued in the dusk since our destination was known to us from a previous visit. Driving at night was a bit different; one change being that I could readily see all the instruments and the GPS display. By day they can be difficult to see, especially when the sun shines on them - not a valuable Territory design feature.

The Pathana Lane Rest Area on the New England Highway near Singleton was deserted and dark when we arrived but we remembered enough of the layout to find a good spot and stop for the night out of the way of any other vehicles passing through.
daily map