Travelling Australia - Journal 2008
30 January 2008 - The Entrance  
Location map We left the EuroStar caravan at The Entrance while we drove to Penrith for a medical appointment. After seeing the doctor we met our son for lunch. Weather was fairly hot around Penrith.

Our return trip to The Entrance was extended when we were delayed on the F3 Freeway after a multi-vehicle accident where the road was confined by a rock embankment on one side and concrete dividers protecting road works on the other. Six or eight people were injured and traffic was completely stopped while a helicopter landed on the road to pick up two of the casualties and while the wrecks were removed and other injured people driven away. We took 1 hour 25 minutes to cover 1.5 kilometers and were stationary for about half that time. After the extended delay yesterday on the F3 the media had a field day.

F3 Traffic Jam The Sydney-Newcastle Freeway (F3) turned into a carpark while an accident is cleared away.
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