Travelling Australia - Journal 2008b
28-30 June 2008 - Port Augusta
Location map The first three days in Port Augusta were marked by cold nights and mostly windy days. The wind was particularly cold and biting on Saturday (28th). Mary did some laundry in the morning and hanging out the washing was very unpleasant in the bitterly cold wind blowing across Spencer Gulf. We went into Port Augusta for Saturday morning coffee and bought another blanket for the caravan bed to augment the several lightweight blankets and two sleeping bags we needed to stay warm on these cold nights. We bought fish and chips for lunch.

Sunday and Monday were both cold and mostly windy. Port Augusta takes Sunday seriously as a day to keep shops closed, except for Coles, Woolworths, Big W and a few small businesses but we found the Wadlata Information Centre had a cafe open and had lunch there after using their wall-mounted map to work out our movements for the next week or so. The wind died away on Sunday night but a gentle breeze on Monday morning grew into a strong and gusty wind by mid-afternoon.

We spent much of the time in the caravan avoiding the weather as much as we could. Apparently most other residents of the park did the same with few people moving around.