Travelling Australia - Journal 2008b
23 July 2008 - Rutherglen (Milawa & rtn, not towing)
Location map The night was cold as predicted. By 5 o'clock in the morning the temperature inside the van was 7 degrees and by quarter to eight it was down to four degrees. The official overnight temperature in Rutherglen was minus 3 degrees. During the day we heard people talking about the heavy frost this morning. The day was bright and sunny and slowly warmed up as the sun grew hotter.

Rutherglen is the centre of a well-developed winery region. Not only are there wineries dotted around the area but an organisation called Rutherglen Wine Experience has a showroom attached to the Information Centre where quality wines purchased from local wineries and bottled as "Rutherglen" labelled wine is on sale. Wangaratta, south of Rutherglen, also has a winery area and we planned to go there today to visit Brown Brothers winery at Milawa, east of Wangaratta, to buy a particular wine variety. Milawa was part of a "Gourmet Region" which, as far as we were concerned, included wine, delightful cheese from the cheese factory, a loaf of freshly baked grain and honey bread, lunch in the restaurant and a selection of hand-made chocolates. We returned to Rutherglen well satisfied with the visit to Milawa.
Snow on the Alps Snow-capped mountains in the Victorian Alps from Milawa.
King River The King River between Wangaratta and Milawa full of run-off water from rain on the mountains.
Our route to Milawa crossed the King River several times and we were treated to the unusual sight of a river in full flow with water flowing over the banks onto adjacent wetland. This water had fallen as rain in the past few weeks and is flowing north to the Murray; other rivers with headwaters on the northern side of the Dividing Range should also be adding their flow to the Murray. How much difference this water will make remains to be seen.
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