Travelling Australia - Journal 2008b
18 June 2008 - Mannum to Gulnare
Location map During the cold night there was intermittent heavy rain which had stopped by morning which was clear and cold. After breakfast we connected the van and drove through Mannum on the road towards Adelaide but we soon turned off onto a route we had picked up on a previous visit to Murray Bridge which would take us to Port Augusta avoiding the Adelaide built-up region by cutting across the main roads radiating from Adelaide until we joined the highway to Port Augusta. These were all secondary roads with surfaces varying from good to not-so-good but we were not in a hurry anticipating that we would stop for the night somewhere along the way and not try to reach Port Augusta in one day.
Sheep grazing Sheep are grazed over much land not devoted to vines.
The terrain was hilly with numerous belts of exposed granite boulders, lots of green grass with many sheep grazing. The road climbed fairly regularly up to 477 metres elevation. At Mt Pleasant we left the Mannum-Adelaide road heading north through Nuriootpa and across the Sturt Highway through Kapunda; by then we were in the Barossa Valley with numerous vines and wineries. Continuing north towards Clare we left the Barossa Valley, returning to sheep and crops when we did, then reverting to grapes as we entered the Clare wine region

North of Clare we entered a region heavily devoted to cropping; recent plantings were germinating making the paddocks green to the horizon and very attractive scenically. We stopped for the night at a rest area near Gulnare. The secondary road we were on had little traffic on it during the afternoon and we expected there to be very little during the night. The rest area we had stopped in was not suitable for trucks and had neither toilet nor water available so there was not much incentive for other travellers to stop there.
Gulnare Gulnare village clustered around silos.
daily map